10 Best Modern GTK Themes for Your Linux

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10 Best Modern GTK Themes for Your Linux

The standard GNOME theme is very classic (Adwaita), because it is what they test and recommend, however, you can improve the look of your GNU/Linux by changing the theme and for a better experience.

How to install themes?

Recalling that it is interesting to have GNOME Tweaks installed, examples:

sudo emerge gnome-tweaks # Gentoo, Funtoo, ...
sudo apt install gnome-tweaks # Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, ...
sudo pacman -s gnome-tweaks # Arch, Manjaro, ...

And then follow these steps:

1. Download the theme, example:

You can download via http, git, via command line, or any other means you find

2. Unzip the file (if it is compressed):

We recommend you to use the application extract, it is simple and easy to use!

3. Move to your ~/.themes directory

If there is no such directory in your home folder, create: mkdir ~/.themes.

Attention: If within the theme you download there are * variants * within it, move the variants. The root folder has the index.theme file inside it directly.

4. Open GNOME Tweaks and choose the theme

Hit Alt + F2 and type: gnome-tweaks, or run this command in terminal

5. Choose the theme that appears:

Choose the line Applications, if you have not yet changed Adwaita (default), click and change to the name of the theme you want, see image below:

GNOME Tweaks

Alternatively you can change the theme via the command line using gsettings with the command:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme 'THEME-NAME'

Or by changing the vim ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini file and defining the theme in that file:

gtk-theme-name = "THEME-NAME"

I selected the 10 best ones that I tested currently according to the date of publication of this post, they are in the order of the ones I like the most!

10. Fantasma


Download the Fantasma Theme

09. Teja


Download Teja Theme

08. Orchis


Download Orchis Theme

07. Nordic


Download Nordic Theme

06. Mint Aqua

Mint Aqua

Download Mint Aqua Theme

05. Materia


Download Tema Materia

04. Kimi


Download the Kimi Theme

03. Juno


Download Juno Theme

02. macOS Transparent

macOS Transparent

Download macOS Transparent Theme

01 - Arc Theme

Arc Arc Darker Arc Dark

Download Arc Theme

git clone
mkdir -p ~/.themes
mv terminalroot-themes/* ~/.themes


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