Compile your C++ projects with Chalet

Another modern and simple to use alternative.

Compile your C++ projects with Chalet

Chalet is a command line application that reads a JSON project file(chalet.json) and compiles your projects C/ C++.

Behind the scenes, Chalet generates a build file Ninja or Make and runs some caching.

The Chalet project files focus on an intuitive language designed to be easy to understand while still providing a lot of control. Since projects are JSON, they can be easily integrated into IDEs.


To install on a GNU/Linux 64-bit system just download the latest version, unzip and move the binary to a $PATH, example:

cd chalet-x86_64-linux-gnu/
sudo install -v chalet /usr/local/bin/

Also add autocomplete:

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/completions
install -v ~/.local/share/completions
echo 'source ${HOME}/.local/share/completions/' >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

If you want to add other local autocompletes in the future, change the line added to your ~/.bashrc by this loop:

for i in ${HOME}/.local/share/completions/*; of
  source ${i}


To create a project from scratch, just run:

chalet init myproject

A wizard will be started with questions related to your project, answer as desired. And to build and run use the commands:

cd myproject
chalet build
chalet run

For more details use the --help parameter and/or access the official website and the repository.

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