Create Logs with SpdLog C++

A fast and useful C++ library for logging your software!

Create Logs with SpdLog C++

If you want to make your software logs LIKE A PRO, then SpdLog is the best option!

It is a fast and complete C++ library for creating logs.


It is already available in the repository of most operating systems, so to install it simply use the package manager corresponding to your case:

  • vcpkg: vcpkg install spdlog
  • conan: spdlog/[>=1.4.1]
  • Homebrew: brew install spdlog
  • MacPorts: sudo port install spdlog
  • Debian: sudo apt install libspdlog-dev
  • FreeBSD: pkg install spdlog
  • Fedora: dnf install spdlog
  • Gentoo: emerge dev-libs/spdlog
  • Arch Linux: sudo pacman -S spdlog
  • openSUSE: sudo zypper in spdlog-devel
  • conda: conda install -c conda-forge spdlog
  • build2: depends: spdlog ^1.8.2

But, if you want to compile and install manually, run the commands below:

Remembering that you need to have libfmt installed, as SpdLog uses it like addiction!

git clone
cd spdlog
cmake -B build .
cd build && make -j
sudo make install
cd ../..
rm -rf spdlog


Its use can be applied in different situations, the most basic way is the example below:


#include "spdlog/spdlog.h"

int main(){
  spdlog::info("Welcome to spdlog!");
  spdlog::error("Some error message with arg: {}", 1);
  spdlog::warn("Easy padding in numbers like {:08d}", 12);
  spdlog::critical("Support for int: {0:d}; hex: {0:x}; oct: {0:o}; bin: {0:b}", 42);
  spdlog::info("Support for floats {:03.2f}", 1.23456);
  spdlog::info("Positional args are {1} {0}..", "too", "supported");
  spdlog::info("{:<30}", "left aligned");
  spdlog::set_level(spdlog::level::debug); // Set global log level to debug
  spdlog::debug("This message should be displayed..");
  // change log pattern
  spdlog::set_pattern("[%H:%M:%S %z] [%n] [%^---%L---%$] [thread %t] %v");
  // Compile time log levels
  // define SPDLOG_ACTIVE_LEVEL to desired level
  SPDLOG_TRACE("Some trace message with param {}", 42);
  SPDLOG_DEBUG("Some debug message");

To compile run without additional flags:

g++ main.cpp

For more information, visit the repository.

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