Create slideshow from terminal

For differentiated presentations

Create slideshow from terminal

Sometimes having a different presentation makes all the difference . mdp is a markdown presentation tool via command line.


First of all make sure you have dependencies such as:

There are a few ways to install depending on your operating system or distribution Linux.

However, among all of them I recommend you to compile, which by the way is very fast.

For that do:

git clone
cd mdp

I had tried to compile, but it gave an error and I realized that the problem is in the compilation of the [Ncurses] library (, but I managed to reslver .

I didn’t send a PR because it would take a long time for the guy to accept, so before compiling run this command below inside the mdp/ directory

sed -i 's/\-l\$(CURSES)/-l$(CURSES) -ltinfow/g' Makefile

This command will replace the line that compiles only Ncurses of type unicode and also add to terminfo, remembering that the w of the ` -ltinfo` is extremely important, if you remove it even compiles, but there will be segmentation failure .

And now just compile:


To test there is already a in the mdp root directory, so run:


The likely output will be similar to the gif below:


If you want to install it on your system, run:

sudo make install

For more information visit: .

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