Customize your prompt with Starship written in Rust

Minimalism and speed!

Customize your prompt with Starship written in Rust

Starship is a minimalistic, lightning-fast and infinitely customizable prompt for any shell!


  • Customizable: Configure every aspect of your prompt.
  • Universal: works in any shell, on any operating system.
  • Smart: Shows relevant information quickly.
  • Rich in features: support for all your favorite tools.
  • Easy: quick to install - get started in minutes.

How to install

First of all you will need to have the Fira Code font installed. Then just run this command in your terminal:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

The output will be something like:

Starship installation

Note that sudo password was requested

After that, as in the same output of the image above, just run the command:

eval "$(starship init [YOUR SHELL NAME])"

Example for ZSH:

eval "$(starship init zsh)"

To load Starship automatically when opening the shell enter in your shell’s configuration file, example for ~/.zshrc:

echo 'eval "$(starship init zsh)"' >> ~/.zshrc

It is available for Bash, FISH, PowerShell, Ion, TCSH and others.

If you want to configure the prompt as you wish, see this link

Below is an example gif of Starship

Starship GIF

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