Cutter - A powerful tool for Reverse Engineering

A free and open source experience.

Cutter - A powerful tool for Reverse Engineering

Cutter is a free and open source reverse engineering platform developed by rizin. It aims to be an advanced and customizable reverse engineering platform keeping user experience in mind. Cutter is created by reverse engineers for reverse engineers.

Cutter has:

  • A friendly and intuitive Graphical Interface;
  • interactive widgets;
  • Integrated decompiler, fully integrated with native Ghidra decompiler. No Java involved;
  • Debugger;
  • Script engine;
  • Binary patching;

And among others.

You can download Cutter directly from the official site by clicking on Download and downloading the AppImage .

If you want you can create a .desktop with an icon and move the AppImage to a directory of your $PATH to make opening it easier, by dash, for example.

When opening there are already some options such as: Theme, open only single binary or directory and among others.

For more information see the links:

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YouTube channel


Marcos Oliveira

Marcos Oliveira

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