Darktile - A GPU-rendered terminal

Highlights links in the terminal, renders unicode and so on.

Darktile - A GPU-rendered terminal

Darktile is a GPU-rendered terminal emulator (written in Go) designed for windows side by side.

Among its features are also:

  • Unicode support
  • Variety of themes available (or create your own!)
  • Compiled powerline font
  • Works with your favorite monospaced TTF/OTF fonts
  • Font ligatures (disable them if you are not a ligature fan)
  • Screenshots with a single key shortcut
  • Window transparency (0-100%)
  • Customizable cursor (most popular image formats supported)


First, make sure you have the dependencies:

  • curl
  • xorg-dev
  • libgl1-mesa-dev

Then just run the command:

curl -s "" | sudo bash

Once installed to open just run the command:


Or if you are using bspwm create an example shortcut in $HOME/.config/sxhkd/sxhkdrc:

Open darktile with the key combination: Super + shift + Enter .

# darktile
super + shift + Return


To change Darktile settings, create/edit a file at the address: $HOME/.config/darktile/config.yml.

Configuration example:

opacity: 1.0 # Window opacity: 0.0 is fully transparent, 1.0 is fully opaque
  family: "" # Font family. Find possible values ​​for this by running 'darktile list-fonts'
  size: 16# Font size
  dpi: 72 # dpi
  ligatures: true # Enable font ligatures e.g. render '≡' instead of '==='
  image: "" # Path to an image to render as your cursor (defaults to standard rectangular cursor)

Below is an example GIF of using Darktile:

When hovering over a link, it highlights the link with information.

Darktile GIF

For more information, visit the Darktile repository on GitHub:

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