Discover Free Software that is the Best Alternative to ZOOM

Its not just Open Source, its Free Software!

Discover Free Software that is the Best Alternative to ZOOM

Everyone knows that ZOOM has been reported a lot lately for having serious security flaws and several people have avoided it and companies like Google, for example, have banned the use of it.

Some people have never heard of ZOOM, and others don’t even know what it’s for. But he was curious to know what alternatives to this software.

And today we are going to know the best alternative to ZOOM, which is not only Open Source, but also Free Software, that is, it is licensed so that there is no type of data collection or malware in the code or in its binary.

I’m referring to Jami.

Concepts about Jami

Jami (formerly GNU Ring, SFLphone) is a free and FOSS alternative to ZOOM, Skype and more. Jami gives you complete control over your communications and an unparalleled level of privacy.

SIP-compliant softphone and SIP-based instant messaging for Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X and Android. Communicate in a variety of ways

  • A simple tool to connect, communicate and share.
  • Easily join calls to create multi-party conferences.
  • Supports a variety of video input options, including multiple cameras and image and video files, and the selection of audio inputs and outputs; all of this is supported by several high quality audio and video codecs.
  • Send text messages during or outside calls (as long as your partner is connected).
  • A basic component for your IoT project: reuse Jami’s universal communication technology with your portable library on the system of your choice.

Jami is developed and maintained by the Canadian company Savoir-faire Linux, and with the help of a global community of users and employees.

What protocol does Jami use for end-to-end encryption?

Jami uses TLS 1.3 with a perfect forwarding secrecy requirement for negotiated ciphers for calls and file transfers. The messages are encrypted with an RSA key.

And how to install Jami?

As already mentioned, the same is available for Linux, macOS and Windows, in addition to mobile device systems: iOS and Android, among other devices and platforms.

On Linux, they made a point of making installation easier and making packages available for the most popular distributions. See the image below:

Jami Linux

Download link

If your distro isn’t on the list, don’t worry, find it on the list of contributions: Arch Linux and more. Including Gentoo, the distro I use, there is a ready-made overlay that can be installed with Layman:

layman -f -a ring-overlay

Or adding directly to your repos.conf, see details on the link.

Access Jami →

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