duf - A more complete alternative to the df command

A modern utility with TUI output.

duf - A more complete alternative to the df command

If you are used to using df and/or the du command, but would like something more complete, duf is a perfect solution that replaces both in the best possible way.

duf meaning free disk/utility usage. It works on Linux, BSD and Windows systems. It has the following features:

  • Easy to use
  • Color display
  • Adjust the height and width according to the terminal’s resize movement
  • Sorts data according to our need
  • Filters and groups
  • JSON outputs and others.


It is available in the repository of most package managers of various distros, examples:

  • Arch Linux via AUR: yay -S duf
  • nixOS: nix-env -iA nixpkgs.duf
  • Ubuntu or any distro with snap: sudo snap install duf-utility
  • FreeBSD: pkg install duf
  • macOS: brew install duf
  • Windows: choco install duf or scoop install duf
  • Among others that can be found here.

Or compiling from source

First of all you will need Go and Git installed. And then run the following commands:

git clone
cd duf
go build
sudo cp duf /usr/local/bin/


Usage is as intuitive as df, examples:

Show usage of connected devices


Show a specific directory

dub /home/$USER/Downloads

Use a specific theme

duf -theme dark

Or light.

And for more info run duf --help.

Visit the duf repository.

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