Easily convert Markdown to HTML via command line

A CLI application written with C++

Easily convert Markdown to HTML via command line

For those of you who periodically need to convert from Markdown to HTML, there is a very intuitive and easy to use for the command line, written in C++ that will help you.

Markdown-CLI is a CLI markdown parser that easily converts Markdown to HTML quickly!


To install, simply use Git, a compiler and the command make, to do this run:

git clone
cd Markdown-CLI/
sudo install -v bin/MarkdownCLI /usr/local/bin/markdown-cli


Using Markdown-CLI is very simple. If it is still in the cloned repository, just use the example itself for this, example:

bin/MarkdownCLI -i index.html

Now just open it in the browser and see the result:

In distros GNU/LInux

gio open index.html

If you installed it on the system, run:

markdown-cli -i index.html

For more information, visit the official repository on GitHub

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