Hyprland - A Powerful Tiling WM with Animation made with C++

A composer for Wayland reminiscent of the famous Compiz in a modern way.

Hyprland - A Powerful Tiling WM with Animation made with C++

Hyprland is a Wayland Composer that has simple animations and is easily configurable by dynamic file.

It has several specific features, such as:

  • Binary space partitioning
  • dynamic mosaic
  • scratchpad
  • Low CPU usage
  • Easy to use
  • Support for multiple monitors
  • rounded edges And among others.

Below is an example video of Hyrland working:


You can build Hyprland from scratch, for that you will need the build dependencies:

And then just clone, compile and install:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/vaxerski/Hyprland
cd Hyrland
sudo make install

There are binary packages for Arch and NixOS see here more Details.


The configuration file follows the defaults and is in your home directory under ~/.config , so use the cloned project example to create one:

mkdir -p ~/.config/hypr
cp examples/hyprland.conf ~/.config/hypr/

Change the file settings as you wish, for more details see here and for the first steps go to this link.

Access the official Hyprland repository on GitHub:

wm unixporn cpp


YouTube channel


Marcos Oliveira

Marcos Oliveira

Software developer

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