Install Vieb - A minimalist Vim-style browser

Split screens, run commands with privacy and ease!

Install Vieb - A minimalist Vim-style browser

We made an video about the qutebrowser a while ago and in this article we will get to know an even more minimalist option that is Vieb.

Vieb is a browser created with Electron that can also be used as Vim with modes: normal, visual, insertion and commands. Its characteristics are:

  • Free, open source, fast and secure;
  • Local first adblocking, autocomplete, AMP protection, custom redirects;
  • Privacy with restricted permission system, overrides, firefox mode, personalized WebRTC policy;
  • Accessible with custom themes, full interface and font size scale, page zoom, spell check and mouse support
  • Security settings with permissions, cache usage, cookie management, download settings (automatic);
  • Split window for browsing multiple windows with:: split,: vsplit, ctrl + w,…
  • Command mappings for keyboard strings, keystrokes, fully customized commands and actions
  • Viebrc configuration file for all custom commands / Vieb / Vim to configure settings permanently
  • Set command for runtime configuration configuration exactly like Vim
  • Vim compatible options like showcmd, timeout, colorscheme, maxmapdepth, spelllang, splitright, ignorecase etc.
  • Container guides with colored grouping, automatic cleaning, individual cookies and restoration of container guides
  • Ad blocker with optional updater and custom list support, standard for: easylist and easyprivacy
  • Guides including audio indicator, toggle for multi-line guides, fixed guides, muted and suspended guides
  • Offline help documentation always available when pressing F1
  • And much, much more!


Installing Vieb is very easy and it has several types of packages for Linux, FreeBSD, Windows and macOS and for the x64 and ARM64 architectures. Are they:

I did a quick test via AppImage in the following simple way:

chmod +x ./Vieb-4.5.1.AppImage

And I’m already using it! 😃

See Vieb’s official website for more information:

vim web