Manage and Run Your Tasks with Kabmat

Graphical program that runs on the terminal (TUI) to manage kanban boards with Vim style key combinations.

Manage and Run Your Tasks with Kabmat

Kabmat is a command line software written in C++ that uses the ncurses that facilitates the management of Kanban boards.

Kanban is a style of organizing and executing tasks in real time, that is, it avoids the famous: procrastination, in short it would be:

Scheduled? Knife!

It was developed by Toyota (a multinational automotive manufacturer of Japanese origin).

Kabmat coupled with the terminal, which is easy to access, makes it even easier for you to schedule and run your tasks.


You will need the following dependencies: git, make and gcc/g++.

After having all the dependencies, clone the repository, compile and install with the commands:

git clone
cd kabmat
sed -i 's/-lncurses/-lncurses -ltinfo/g' Makefile
make up
sudo make install
cd ..
rm -rf kabmat

To check if everything is ok, check the version with the command:

kabmat --version


To open Kabmat, just run the command:


Press keys on your keyboard to:

  • c → Create a new frame,
  • i → To enter the insert mode(INSERT, style Vim and write the name of your quadroi and save with [ENTER].
  • d → And then to
  • Use the j, k, l and h keys to move one frame.
  • d → to delete
  • q → twice to exit Kabmat

For more information use help:

kabmat --help

And check the Kabmat GitHub repository.

Kabmat running

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