Meet daedalOS - a Desktop that runs in the browser

A mix of Windows and macOS.

Meet daedalOS - a Desktop that runs in the browser


And the saga of online operating systems continues! After Windows 93 and Mikesoft Windows 96 now it’s time for daedalOS .

DaedalOS is a desktop environment that runs directly in your browser (prefer Google Chrome for compatibility reasons).

To install you will need Git, Node.js and Yarn.

After that just clone, build and run:

git clone
daedalOS cd
yarn build:fs
yarn dev


DaedalOS has several applications and games included, such as:

  • DOOM
  • Monaco Editor - A leaner VSCode.
  • Google Chrome - it’s even funny because if you is already in the browser, but you may need downloads in that environment.
  • Terminal
  • Viewer of MarkDown
  • Wallpaper Picker
  • And a lot of other things.

You can also use it online without installing anything. To do this, access the address: .

For more information see the project’s repository.

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