Meet sc-im, an 'Excel' for the terminal

Lightweight, fast and intuitive.

Meet sc-im, an 'Excel' for the terminal

sc-im is a spreadsheet program made with ncurses for terminal .

sc-im is based on sc a similar application developed by James Gosling, the creator of Java.

Some of the features of sc-im are:

  • Vim style moves to move between cells;
  • Undo and redo;
  • The number of lines can be expanded to 1,048,576 if desired;
  • CSV / delimited TAB / XLSX file import and export;
  • Import of ODS. Export from Markdown;
  • Key mappings;
  • Automatic backup;
  • Direct color support;
  • Graphics display;
  • Among many others.


To install first you will need the dependencies:

Once installed, just clone, compile and install:
cd sc-im
sudo make install

Some sc-im screenhosts

sc-im 1

sc-im 2

sc-im 3

For the installation manual go to this link and the official repository on GitHub .

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