Play Pac-Man in the Terminal

Made with C and Ncurses!

Play Pac-Man in the Terminal

MyMan is an unofficial, unlicensed clone of the original Pac-Man and Puckman and their sequels and imitators.

MyMan uses Ncurses to design the game environment. It is possible to play it on GNU/Linux, Windows, macOS and among others.

On Windows you will need the PDCurses library.


Example on systems that use APT as a package manager.

sudo apt install git build-essential make autotools-dev autoconf libncurses5-dev libncursesw5-dev

To compile and install

Clone, compile and test the version:

git clone
cd myman
sed -i 's/-lcurses/-ltinfo -lncurses/g' Makefile
./myman --version

To install:

sudo make install

To play

Open the game by running only:


If you haven’t installed it, run: ./myman inside the folder where you compiled it!

1. Press [SPACE]

2. Press [ENTER] twice

3. You (Pac-Man) are the letter C, just press any directional key to start

4. Use the directional keys to escape the letters A and eat the points: .

5. To exit, press: Ctrl + c

For more information, access the repository: and/or use help:

myman --help

If you want to uninstall, inside the post-compiled and installed directory, run:

sudo make clean uninstall

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