RhaiScript, a scripting language written in Rust

Provides a safe and easy way to add scripts to any application.

RhaiScript, a scripting language written in Rust

Rhai is simple and similar to JavaScript+Rust with dynamic typing. According to tests performed, it proved to be quite efficient, achieving 1 million iterations in 0.3 seconds on a single-core 2.3 GHz Linux VM.

It has tight integration with native Rust functions and types, including getters/setters, methods, and indexers.


You will first need the following dependencies:

After that, proceed as follows:

Clone the repository:

git clone

Enter the repository and build:

Before that make sure you have cargo in your $PATH, example for Bash:

echo 'export PATH="${PATH}:${HOME}/.cargo/bin"' >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc
execute $SHELL

And then run:

cd rhai
charge install --path . --bin rhai-run

After that you can go out and remove the directory:

cd ..
rm -rf rhai

Hello, RhaiScript!

To test a Hello. World! create a file with the extension .rhai, example: vim hello.rhai

And add the code below:

print("Hello, Rhai!");

To run it use the rhai-run command:

rhai-run hello.rhai

For more information visit here .

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