Shell++ - An Object Oriented Shell Script

Shell++ has a mixture of BASH and C++

Shell++ - An Object Oriented Shell Script

Shell++ is a programming language that aims to bring functionalities from modern languages, such as ease of manipulation of data structures, object-oriented programming, functional programming and others including Shell Script.


Clone the repository recursively:

git clone --recurse-submodules -j8

After cloned, we realized that it uses CMake, if you export the CXX variable, you may be able to use another compiler, but you will need: CMake, GCC and GNU Make.

Some distros offer the package with essential tools for building binaries, if you use Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and simlares, just install the package: build-essentials. If you use Gentoo, you don’t need to install anything.

# you can change the compiler with this command:
export CXX=$(which clang++)

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..

After building the binary, it can be found at: ./shell/shpp. You can run one:

sudo make install

Remembering that you can also execute the binary directly.

Basic usage example:

Hello, World!

cat << EOF >
print("Hello, Shell++")

And among several other forms of use that we can see here in the project’s repository documentation.

Alternatives to Shell++:

Among other options:

Watch the video

The video is in Brazilian Portuguese, but you can use automatic translation from Youtube or even just watch the procedures, because the commands are universal

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