The 15 Best Extensions for your GNOME

Some are really cool! 👣️

The 15 Best Extensions for your GNOME

I separated the extensions that I believe are the best and the most useful for you, follow the list below.

01. Activities Configurator

[Activities Configurator] helps to customize the activities button and the appearance of the panel. You can add many features, more than 20 options to make your desktop productive, in the activity menu, even an icon in the place in the name ** Activities ** in addition to changing the name itself, example: putting the icon and name of your distro 😀️.

Activities Configurator

Get the Activities Configurator

02. Dash to Dock

Dash to Dock is a fantastic extension of Gnome Shell that will provide a highly configurable dock (you can change the position of the dock: right, below, …). You can easily place any application in this Dock. It will also offer you to switch the application more quickly.

Dash to Dock

Get Dash to Dock

03. Drop Down Terminal

Drop Down Terminal is an essential extension for Gnome Desktop. You can open the Terminal with the drop-down menu (Guake style) and also help you open it using keyboard shortcuts.

Drop Down Terminal

Get the Drop Down Terminal

04. EasyScreenCast

This is a fantastic extension for recording your Gnome desktop. You can record any selected area with Easy Screencast. This extension has video and audio recording at the same time.

Drop Down Terminal

Get EasyScreenCast

05. Open Weather

Open Weather is a productivity extension that shows your current weather conditions, such as temperature, wind speed, humidity, etc. You will get all the information at or You can customize it in different ways in Gnome Shell.

Open Weather

Get Open Weather

06. Cover flow Alt-tab

Cover flow Alt-tab

Get the Alt-tab Cover flow

07. NetSpeed

NetSpeed ​​monitors and displays your internet speed. There are several ways to customize it on Linux. Just use it and enjoy its interesting features.


Get NetSpeed ​​

08. Applications Menu

The Applications Menu is a fantastic extension that will help you organize all your applications according to different categories. It is part of the classic Ubuntu Gnome mode and is now officially supported for everyone.

Applications Menu

Get the Applications Menu

09. Todo.txt

Very useful for managing all activities of your Linux operating system, such as creating or deleting new tasks. When you are done with any task, mark them as complete with this extension.


Get the whole.txt

10. Media Player Indicator

Incredible for controlling music from your Gnome shell. It will offer control of multiple music players in a simple way.

Media Player Indicator

Get the Media Player Indicator

11. Appfolders Management extension

An easy way to organize your applications into folders, directly from the application grid. Create folders and add / remove applications using drag and drop, rename / delete them with a right click.

Appfolders Management extension

Get the Appfolders Management extension

12. Apt Update Indicator

For distributions that use Apt as their package manager, such as Ubuntu or Debian, Apt’s Update Indicator extension allows for a more streamlined update experience on GNOME.

Apt Update Indicator

Get the Apt Update Indicator

13. Gno-Menu

Gno-Menu is a Gnome-Shell application menu with a traditional and complete style, which aims to offer all the essential elements in an intuitive and organized interface.


Get the Gno-Menu

14. GSConnect

GSConnect is a complete KDE Connect implementation, especially for the GNOME Shell with integration with Nautilus, Chrome and Firefox. It does not depend on the KDE Connect desktop application and will not work only with it installed.


Get GSConnect

15. Extensions

Easily enable / disable gnome shell extensions in a menu on the top panel. It also allows you to edit the settings of the extensions. Extensions Get Extensions

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