Top 10 VSCode Extensions for C/C++

Including my favorite Color Theme as a bonus!

Top 10 VSCode Extensions for C/C++

Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is a tool widely used by C developers /C++ due to its flexibility and the wealth of extensions available.

In this article, we will present the 10 best VSCode extensions for C/C++, which can improve your productivity and development experience in this language.

1. C/C++ IntelliSense

C/C++ IntelliSense

The C/C++ IntelliSense extension is an essential choice for any C/C++ developer. It offers advanced auto-completion, syntax highlighting, code navigation, and debugging features, making code writing more efficient and accurate.

Install the extension: Click here

2. CMake Tools

CMake Tools

If you work with projects that use the CMake build system, the CMake Tools extension is indispensable. It simplifies the configuration, generation and compilation of CMake-based C/C++ projects.

Install the extension: Click here

3. C/C++ Clang Command Adapter

C/C++ Clang Command Adapter

The C/C++ Clang Command Adapter extension provides improved support for compiling C/C++ code with Clang. It simplifies configuration and provides more advanced compilation capabilities.

Install the extension: Click here

4. C/C++ Compile Run

C/C++ Compile Run

With the C/C++ Compile Run extension, you can compile and run C/C++ code directly from VSCode, saving time and simplifying the testing process.

Install the extension: Click here

5. C/C++ Snippets

C/C++ Snippets

The C/C++ Snippets extension provides a set of ready-to-use snippets that speed up writing C/C++ code. Save time and reduce common mistakes when using these snippets.

Install the extension: Click here

6. C/C++ Extension Pack

C/C++ Extension Pack

The C/C++ Extension Pack already installs some other extensions mentioned here!

The C/C++ Extension Pack is a set of essential extensions for C/C++ developers. It includes a variety of useful tools such as the C/C++ IntelliSense extension, CMake Tools, and others.

Install the extension: Click here

7. C/C++ Themes

C/C++ Themes

To customize the look and feel of your development environment, the C/C++ Themes extension offers a variety of themes and color schemes designed specifically for C/C++.

Install the extension: Click here

8. C/C++ Advanced Lint

C/C++ Advanced Lint

A Visual Studio Code extension that supports multiple static code analyzers for C and C++ code.

Install the extension: Click here

9. Better C++ Syntax

Better C++ Syntax

The Better C++ Syntax extension improves formatting and syntax highlighting to make your C/C++ code more readable and organized.

Install the extension: Click here

10. Code Runner

Code Runner

Although not specific to C/C++, the Code Runner extension is useful for all developers. It allows you to easily run code snippets and view the output directly in VSCode, speeding up the debugging and testing process.

Install the extension: Click here

Bonus: Color Theme

A lot of people ask me which Color Theme I use in Vim/Neovim and also in VSCode. And the answer is that I use a color theme created by a Brazilian which is the theme: Sobrio:

Sobrio Color Theme

Here is the link for you to install Sobrio on your VSCode:

Click here


These 10 VSCode extensions are essential for C/C++ developers who want to improve their productivity and simplify the development process. Customize your development environment by choosing the extensions that best meet your needs and enjoy a more efficient coding experience in Visual Studio Code.

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