Use a Terminal Chat

WeeChat is an IRC client distributed under the terms of the GNU GPLv3 license.

Use a Terminal Chat

WeeChat is an IRC client distributed under the terms of the []GNU General Public License 3]( and has been in development since 2003.

It is extensible to several languages such as: C, Python, Perl, Ruby, Lua, Tcl, Scheme, Javascript and PHP.


Use your distribution’s package manager, examples:

emerge weechat # Gentoo, Funtoo, ...
sudo apt install weechat # Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, ...
sudo pacman -S weechat # Arch, Manjaro, ...
sudo dnf install weechat # Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora, ...

WeeChat is also available for: OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, GNU Hurd, macOS, Solaris and more.


  • weechat - Opens WeeChat;
  • /help - Get help;
  • /quit - Exits WeeChat;
  • /clear or just the CL alias - Clear the buffer;
  • /server add freenode - Adds a server, in this example the one from the best known;
  • /connect freenode - Connect to freenode without nickname and without channel;
  • /join #gentoo - Join the #gentoo channel or create a temporary channel for use;
  • /nick marcosgentoo - Set your nickname to marcosgentoo;
  • /msg user "My message" - Send a private message to user, for everyone on the channel just type and press enter;
  • /close - Leave a channel or a private chat;
  • /disconnect - Disconnect from the Server.

If you want to do tests online, I suggest you test with:

Some Shortcuts

  • Alt + ←, Alt + ↓,…, F5 or F6 - Navigate through the side panel to choose who to send, for example: specific user or the entire channel;
  • F12 - Scrolls the names of users online;
  • Alt + l - Change the layout style;

Registering a user

If you want to have a registered nickname, use the command:

/msg NickServ REGISTER YourPassword

Log in with your registered user:

/connect 6667 YourNick:YourPassword

Whenever you use and want to ask something, join the channel: #terminalroot and let’s chat!

You can still accomplish a lot with WeeChat, for that I suggest you consult the documentation on the links:

There is a video that shows most of the tips mentioned above. The video is in Brazilian Portuguese, but you can follow it, because the commands are universal.


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