Use C++ with Mustache

Ideal for C++ web applications!

Use C++ with Mustache

Mustache is a web template system with implementations available for several programming languages, including C++.

Mustache is described as a logicless system because it does not have any control flow instructions, however, both looping and conditional evaluation can be achieved using section tag processing lists and anonymous functions (lambdas).

Supported Features

This library supports all current Mustache features:

  • Variables
  • HTML escaping
  • Sections
  • Inverted Sections
  • True False
  • Lists
  • Lambdas
  • Partials
  • Comments
  • Set delimiter
  • Additional features:

    Custom escape function for use outside of HTML


The ease starts with installation, just:

git clone
sudo install -v Mustache/mustache.hpp /usr/local/include/
rm -rf Mustache/


Create a file: main.cpp:

#include <iostream>
#include <mustache.hpp>

int main(){
   kainjow::mustache::mustache tmpl("Hello !");
   std::cout << tmpl.render({"what", "World"}) << '\n';

Alternatively you can use: using namespace kainjow::mustache; =}


g++ main.cpp



Probable output: Hello World!

If you want to test first:

git clone
cd Mustache
sed -i "s/VERSION.*/VERSION $(cmake --version | grep -o [0-9].*))/g" CMakeLists.txt
cmake -B build .
cd build && make

For more information visit:

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