Use MS Paint directly in Terminal

The famous TUI-shaped image editor!

Use MS Paint directly in Terminal

Textual Paint is an image editor TUI (Text User Interface), inspired by MS Paint, written in Python with the Textual library.

How about testing and using this beauty?!

To install it is very simple, just Pip:

pip install textual-paint

If your system presents any criticism during the installation, it’s probably because it adopts some security policies and you need to install in a virtual environment.

To do this, run the commands in order:

  • Create an environment and activate it:
mkdir -p .local/bin/venv
python -m venv ${HOME}/.local/bin/venv
. .local/bin/venv/bin/activate
  • Now install textual-paint:
(venv) pip install textual-paint
  • And to run, use the command:
exec ~/.local/bin/venv/bin/textual-paint

If you want to add it as a quick command, create an alias:

echo 'alias textual-paint="${HOME}/.local/bin/venv/bin/textual-paint"' >> ~/.bashrc
exec $SHELL

Now just use the command:


For more information, access the official Textual Paint repository:

python tui


YouTube channel


Marcos Oliveira

Marcos Oliveira

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