Wren, a scripting language that looks like a mini Java

Competitive, small, fast and class-based.

Wren, a scripting language that looks like a mini Java

Wren is a small, fast, class-based, concurrent scripting language.

Think of Smalltalk in a package the size of Lua with a dash of [Erlang] ( and wrapped in familiar, modern syntax, so this is Wren!


Wren is available for Linux, Windows and macOS .

You will need Git, GCC and Make.

After cloning the build directory it will be at: ./wren/projects, there will be a procedure for your operating system and IDE, for example on Linux:

git clone
cd wren/projects/make

The binary will be in the root of the project and inside the bin/ directory and named wren_test , so you can move it to your $PATH variable, example:

sudo mv wren/wren_test /usr/local/bin/wren


Wren doesn’t have version or help, but to test if everything is ok, create a file with any extension, for example: hello.wren and enter the code below:

System.print("Hello, world!")

And run it with wren:

wren hello.wren

If you print Hello, world! then everything is fine.

For more information, visit the links below:

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