Create Terminal Games with olcPixelGameEngine

Available for Windows (Visual Studio, MinGW and Code::Blocks), macOS and GNU/Linux (via X11).

Create Terminal Games with olcPixelGameEngine

olcPixelGameEngine is a single file library for game development created in C++.

It is cross-platform, compiling on Windows via Visual Studio, MinGW and Code::Blocks , and in GNU/Linux with a modern g++.

The olcPixelGameEngine was developed by the legendary programmer C++ and youtuber: javidx9.

How to use

On Linux based systems you will need the following dependencies:

Example of installing dependencies on some GNU/Linux distros:

# Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and similar
sudo apt install build-essential libglu1-mesa-dev libpng-dev

# Arch Linux, Manjaro and the like
sudo pacman -S gcc glibc libpng table

# Fedora and similar
sudo dnf groupinstall "Development Tools" "Development Libraries"
sudo dnf install gcc-c++ glew-devel glm-devel libpng-devel

After that just create a basic code (for testing), copy the example code below:


#include "olcPixelGameEngine.h"

class Example : public olc::PixelGameEngine {
       sAppName = "Example";

     bool OnUserCreate() override {
       return true;

     bool OnUserUpdate(float fElapsedTime) override {
       for (int x = 0; x < ScreenWidth(); x++){
         for (int y = 0; y < ScreenHeight(); y++){
           Draw(x, y, olc::Pixel(rand() % 255, rand() % 255, rand()% 255));
       return true;

int main() {
   Example demo;
   if (demo.Construct(100, 100, 4, 4)){
   return EXIT_SUCCESS;

Now download the file olcPixelGameEngine.h:

wget -q

And compile with the following command:

g++ main.cpp -lX11 -lGL -lpthread -lpng -lstdc++fs -std=c++17

After running ./a.out if a window appears like “no channel tuning on old TVs” like the image below, everything is fine!

olcPixelGameEngine Running

To run on Windows via Visual Studio, watch the video below:

To run on Windows with MinGW:

To run on Windows with Code::Blocks:

Access the repository and official documentation on GitHub.

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