Create window immediate-mode in C Language with MicroUI

­č¬č A tiny immediate-mode UI library

Create window immediate-mode in C Language with MicroUI

For those who already know Dear ImGui, MicroUI is a simplistic alternative to C Language.

Features of MicroUI:

  • Tiny: close to 1100 sloc (Lines of Source Code) of ANSI C;
  • Works in a fixed-size memory region: no additional memory is allocated;
  • Integrated controls: window, scrollable panel, button, slider, text box, label, checkbox, wrapped text;
  • Works with any rendering system that can draw rectangles and text;
  • Designed to allow the user to easily add custom controls;
  • Simple layout system.


To use MicroUI you will need:

Duly installed on your machine or through Conan or Vcpkg, in addition to Git to clone the repository:

git clone

After cloned. To test, you can enter the example subdirectory:

cd microui/demo

Compile and run:

gcc main.c renderer.c ../src/microui.c -I../src -Wall -std=c11 -pedantic `sdl2-config --libs` -lGL -lm
./a.out # Run

Alternatively there is a in the same directory!

The possible and probable display of the demo windows:

MicroUI running

For more information see from the MicroUI repository on GitHub.

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