Select Colors in Terminal with RGB-TUI

A terminal color picker written in C++

Select Colors in Terminal with RGB-TUI

There are several online services and places where you can select colors either RGB or Hexadecimal, or even using GIMP or any other similar software. However, having this service in terminal is really notorious!

rgb-tui is a color picker written in C++ that is easy to install and use.


The cool thing is that you just install the binary and everything is fine.

Just run the commands below:

tar zxvf rgb-tui-1.0.0-Linux.tar.gz
sudo install -v rgb-tui-1.0.0-Linux/bin/rgb-tui /usr/local/bin/

To use it, just run the command:


You can select the color range and copy by holding Shift and selecting the Hexadecimal or RGB color to use in your project.

See the GIF below:


To exit press Ctrl + c .

You can still install using Snap, example:

sudo snap install rgb-tui

For more information, visit the repository .

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