Startfetch - A fetch that shows the Zodiac Constellations

A tool written in C++ for the command line.

Startfetch - A fetch that shows the Zodiac Constellations

starfetch is a tool that prints a schematic of a given constellation and some information about it:

  • your quadrant,
  • your right ascension,
  • its declension,
  • your area
  • and your number of main stars.

Indicated for those who want to have this data for easy access and also for the unixporners on duty!


starfetch was written in C++, so you will need a compiler and also Git to compile and, consequently, install on your system.

To do this, just run the commands below:

git clone
starfetch cd
sudo make install

Remove the cloned directory after installation, eg: cd .. && rm -rf starfetch


Once installed, just run the command:


To get the fetch of a specific zodiac constellation use the -n parameter and then the name you want, example for Aries:

starfetch -n aries

For more information use starfetch --help and access the repository.

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