Install Photoshop on Linux easily with this script

It may help.

Install Photoshop on Linux easily with this script

Photoshop CC v19 installer for Linux is a Bash script that helps you install Photoshop CC version 19 on your Linux machine using WINE behind the scenes and configures some components needed for the best performance.


  • Download the necessary components and install them (vcrun, atmlib, msxml…)
  • Download installer photoshop.exe
  • Creates the Photoshop command and a desktop shortcut
  • WINE dark mode
  • Supports graphics cards like (intel, Nvidia)
  • Save downloaded files to your cache directory
  • It’s free and you won’t need any license keys
  • Works on any Linux distribution


  • git
  • wine
  • wine64
  • winetricks
  • md5sum

    Example on Arch Linux

sudo pacman -S wine winetricks


Just clone/download, give permission to run and run the script:

git clone
cd photoshopCClinux
chmod +x

During installation, pay attention to script messages.

Note: Make sure the operating system version in wine is on Windows 7 .

Install Photoshop on Linux easily with this script


This information was taken from the script repository. I didn’t particularly test it and I don’t intend to, I feel good about GIMP, but as some people ask me for this tip, I decided to post it. But remember to contribute to the project by reporting issues or even improving the code.

Project link:

linux tips