Meet the new Gamma text editor

He intends to be the default GNOME editor.

Meet the new Gamma text editor

Gamma (Γ) is a lightweight text editor. It is intended to be an alternative to Gedit or Notepad++. Although the current implementation is tested on Linux with a GNOME desktop environment, it can also run on Linux, Windows and Mac if the dependencies are installed (see the Dependencies section below).

Gamma uses GTK3 (cross-platform GUI toolkit) and PyGObject which is a Python package that provides links to GObject-based libraries, such as GTK, GStreamer, WebKitGTK, GLib, GIO and more.

Why a new text editor?

  • Lightweight, no hunger for CPU/RAM
  • No learning curve (easy/familiar shortcuts, easy use of plugins/extensions)
  • Fully customizable from A to Z (even the user interface layout)
  • New UX approach for text editors
  • Easy plugin system
  • Made using Python for python contributors


  • GTK+ 3
  • GtkSourceview 4 (works for 3.0 but currently need to manually change the version in python files)
  • Python 3
  • gobject-introspection

If you are using Linux with a GNOME desktop, you probably already have these dependencies installed. I’m not sure if the libraries are installed for other desktops, like KDE, XFCE or MATE. But if you have libgtk-3-0 and python3 installed, then Gamma will probably work.


git clone
cd gamma-text-editor 
chmod +x

Use and configuration

Gamma is a very intuitive text editor, but if you want more information, I suggest you consult the official documentation on their Gitlab at:

Thanks for reading!

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