Turn your Firefox and Google Chrome into the Vim editor

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Turn your Firefox and Google Chrome into the Vim editor

Vimium is a Google Chrome extension which provides keyboard shortcuts for navigation and control in the spirit of the Vim editor. Watch this video to get a feel for how it works:


  • Helps you navigate the web without touching the mouse.
  • Uses a clever highlighting method to navigate using links.
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Has an in-page help dialog to remind you of your personalized shortcuts.


Add the add-on with Firefox: + Add to Firefox

Or Google Chrome:

Vimium Google Chrome

Some keyboard shortcuts

To know the commands just press: ?. A combo with all the shortcut keys for navigation will open, let’s see the main features:

  • ? - as we have already seen, a HELP for the commands;
  • o - opens a box to type the URL and open it on the same page that is
  • O - (shift + o) - opens a box to type the URL and opens in a new tab
  • j - moves down;
  • k - moves upwards;
  • gg - goes to the top of the page, already disables that javascript that makes the scroll (to the top);
  • G - go to the bottom of the page;

  • d - make pagination (similar to less via command line) the page;
  • u - also makes pagination only upwards;
  • h - and l move to the left and right sides, respectively, if a page has this option;
  • i - insertion mode, check the field in the lower left field. v visual mode. ESC exits modes.
  • T - opens a combo to navigate through the open tabs
  • / - also like Vim, opens the search bar and n matches new (next) terms according to the researcher, N also, only previous ones.
  • H - returns one to the available page in the history and L to the front.
  • x - closes a tab and X restores an open tab.
  • F - Marks and displays fields you want to click and open, F opens in a new tab.

Watch the video

Among several other options that can be consulted with ? help. If you want to disable only to go in Firefox extensions and disable and or remove.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tip and until next time …

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