Use a Linux in the Cloud for free

An alternative to doing different things from a different IP and a different country! πŸ˜ƒ

Use a Linux in the Cloud for free

Use a Linux in the Cloud for free

OnWorks is a free hosting provider that lets you run a Desktop Environment just using your web browser.

You can choose from several distros such as: CentOS, Fedora , Ubuntu, Zorin OS and others.


To run, just access this address, choose the distro and click on RUN ONLINE, example for Ubuntu 20:

Run Online Ubuntu

And then click START and wait for a 20 second countdown and then click ENTER.

Be patient that the server is in Germany and there is also a load of > advertisements! Deactivate your AdBlock . If it doesn’t work the first time , repeat the steps that one hour works. It’s a little slow!

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